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Dealing with the complex nature of production, creative, support, pre-production, contracting, casting, booking, negotiating, principle photography, post production, delivery of media, and paying, Shining Productions coordinates with ease the onslaught of necessary details, neatly and organized, assisting clients in all areas of media from film, photos, live events, and more, for over 25 years, working with small crews of 10 to larger crews of 50-150. We embrace the challenge, and enjoy  it all!

Ron Cobert

Ron Cobert

Ron Cobert, Shining Productions’ founder,  set aside this division of Sunscope Entertainment to work with foreign clients productions to work with American crew and talent in the States.  Shining Productions’ work can be seen globally in photo and commercial ad campaigns, an array of clientele, producing on time and on budget, ensuring that the clients are completely satisfied with the investment Shining Productions.

Working together with the client and Shining Productions, whether with a small or large crew, we offer the client with the flexibility to provide for all scenarios, dependent on the needs of a given production. Shining Productions is well versed in providing affordable and dependable production and post for events and productions.

tomomi suzuki shining productions

Tomomi Suzuki

Tomomi Suzuki works the Japanese market with vigor services as a coordinator and translator with success offering the Japan the opportunity to utilize Shining Productions’ influence in the advertising and entertainment industry.

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